The Hamlet Project

Movement based theater production that was conceived in New York in 2014/2015 and brought to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to be performed by a Vietnamese cast in 2015. 

Artistic Director - Daniel Croix Henderson
Production Coordinator - Gabby Carr
Choreographer - Emily Kessler
Assistant Director - Max Mooney
Scenic Designer - William D. Miller
Lighting Designer - Aidan Macaluso
Location Assistant - Paul Blake

Cast - Hamlet - Alek Zhang
           Ophelia - Tricia Nguyễn
           Gertrude - Hoàng Thuý
           Claudius - Phạm Đạt
           King Hamlet - Chenco Nguyễn
           Ensemble - Tai Do, Sơn Hoăng, Mỹ Hương

Partners - The Vista Walk, Saigon Children's Charity, Dancenter Vietnam, Saigon Players, Ticketbox Vietnam


“This intimate production of Hamlet is theatre of a new age. By connecting the the humanistic elements of the story and removing all spoken language, it has successfully combined Vietnamese and American culture into one voice of expression.” — Dien Viet Magazine

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