Starlings Murmuration at the Austin Dance Festival


Special thanks to those who supported our campaign

We have been so grateful for the voracious support of our travel to the Austin Dance Festival.

We successfully raised enough to support our travel and meals together at the festival in one month of fundraising!

Congratulations to all of our supporters for helping to transport art across America!

Josh Banks

Anthony Bielenstein

Frazier Blaw

Victor Catano

Nicholas Croft

Piper Dye

Sandra Geer

Christina de Gersdorff

Marc Gilkes

Laura Gunderman

Kathy Hamrick

Emily Hebert

Chelsea Hecht

Cathy Hooper

Suzy & Rich Hooper

Adriana Jimenez

Laja Field

David Furstenau

Martin Kasumovich

Martina Kasumovich

Mandy Kessler

Mary Ann Kessler

Rachael Kessler

John Kessler

Tayana Kessler

Alexa Kinney

Raquel Klugman

Jen Marksworth

Janet Merker

Chris Meyer

Liz Monson

Becky Nussbaum

Suzy Robertson

Hannah Straney

Lori Snyder

Willow Swanson

Lorraine Twomley

Doug Varone

Julianne Waber

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